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When I was little, I could repeat by memory any poem or sing a song that my mother used to read or sing to me. If she'll take me to a movie, that have music and songs, I'll be singing it later in any foreign language that movie was on. She'll invite her friends to a party and I'll be the entertainment. From Radj Kapur to Yves Montand, I've sang them all I guess music was in my blood and it stayed with me through all my life. And I can only repeat these great words from Nietzsche: "WITHOUT MUSIC LIFE WOULD BE A MISTAKE"

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Compilation of Flight 19 Studio Work




Compilation CD Volume # 1 of Local and International Artists

1987 - 2007

Flight 19 Studio was established by Valery Saifudinov in the summer of 1987 in San
, California
. The name "Flight 19" symbolizes the flight to freedom that he took
in 1975, leaving Riga, Latvia, (the former Republic of Soviet Union), to America. It was
TWA, Flight #19 from Rome to New York. Valery, known in Riga as "Seisky", (Say-ski),
started the 1st Rock 'n' Roll band "The Revengers" in 1962.

From 1986 till 1990 Valery studied the art of recording at Palomar College, under the
guidance of Jim Weld, where he learned to record classical music, chamber orchestras,
Choirs, Jazz, Rock, Big Bands and Ethnic music.

From the start to the present day, Flight 19 Studio is professional and affordable facility.
Over the years, Valery collected and selected the best modern equipment, as well as the
rarest vintage gear that no longer exists.

During the last two decades, Flight 19 Studio was home to many artists, groups,
producers, record labels, musicians, songwriters of a different styles and genres. And,
as always, his philosophy is to help and accommodate artist’s creativity and transform
their visions into reality. In his work you'll find the same professional respect towards
the 13 year old beginner, as to a well known International star.

Valery is always open to new ideas, techniques and progress in music.

Volume # 1

1. Moonlight Jam - "Angel From Del Mar"

from CD "At The GasLamp" - recorded at Flight 19 Studio, writen, produced and arranged

by Valery. /Pop/Dance/Hip-Hop/ PSB Records/ 2006

2. Peter Gash - "Polonaise in A Major", Op 40 # 1

from CD "Chopin" - recorded at Hall D6, San Marcos, CA. Classical Piano/ 2006

3. Nick Binkley - "True Love"

from CD "Let the Boy Jam" - recorded at Flight 19 Studio. Country /PSB Records/ 2004

4. JJ Diamond - "Dear Friend"

from CD "Girls Best Friend" - recorded at Flight 19 Studio, produced by Valery.

Pop Ballad / Boxer Dog Records/ 2005.

5. Kamau Kenyatta and Hubert Laws

"Mr.D.C" from CD "Destiny" - recorded at Museum of Music, Carlsbad, CA. Jazz / 2007

6. Michael Morgan - "Oh Freedom"

from CD "Songs of my Soul" - recorded at San Marcos, CA. Bass Vocal / Gospel/ 2003

7. Eddy Vedder's Bad Radio -"Homeless" (now singer with "Pearl Jam")

recorded at Flight 19 Studio. Alternative Rock / 1989.

Transfer to CD from cassette (the only existing copy)

8. Jennette Turner (Ike Turner’s ex wife) "I Got My Mojo Working"

recorded at Flight 19 Studio. Rock / 2003.

9. Palomar College Chamber Orchestra "Dies Irae"

from CD "Sacred Music of Giacomo Antonio Perti". Classical / recorded at Brubeck

Theatre, San Marcos, CA/2000

10. Symmetry of Content - "Look Closer"

from CD "Symmetry of Content" - recorded at Flight 19 Studio. New Age/arranged and

produced by Valery / PSB Records / 2007

11. Tony Laguna - "Tooth and Nail"

from CD "Tooth and Nail" - recorded at Flight 19 Studio. Rap / produced by Valery /

Laguna Records / 2006

12. Curtis and The Kicks - "Drifting"

from CD "Live at Ground Zero" - recorded at Ground Zero Café. Blues /mixed, edited and

processed and produced by Valery / 2001

13. Viacheslav Malezik - "Be in my Dreams"

from CD "In New Light" - recorded at Flight 19 Studio. Easy Listening / produced and

mixed by Valery /2002

14. Marcus Rouse - "What a World We Live In"

from CD " Marcus" - recorded at Flight 19 Studio. Pop / R & B /

Vocal production by Valery/ 2006

15. Rappin' Mathematician - "Math Rappin'

from CD "Rappin' Mathematician" - recorded at Flight 19 Studio. School Rap /

produced by Valery/ 2006

16. Empyrean - "Devil's Chord"

from CD "Circus" - recorded at Flight 19 Studio,. produced by Valery.

Pyschedelic Rock / PSB Records / 1997.

17. Scott and Voices - "Fiver"

from CD “Accappella" - recorded at Flight 19 Studio, produced by Valery. Accappella /


18. Dimitry Kirichenko - "Prelude In C# Minor"

from CD"Rachmaninov, Schubert, Beethoven"

Op3, No2 Rachmaninov

Piano / Restoration and Digital Remastering by Valery /2004

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