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When I was little, I could repeat by memory any poem or sing a song that my mother used to read or sing to me. If she'll take me to a movie, that have music and songs, I'll be singing it later in any foreign language that movie was on. She'll invite her friends to a party and I'll be the entertainment. From Radj Kapur to Yves Montand, I've sang them all I guess music was in my blood and it stayed with me through all my life. And I can only repeat these great words from Nietzsche: "WITHOUT MUSIC LIFE WOULD BE A MISTAKE"

Friday, November 9, 2007

2007 is An Active Year For Valery

February 17th - Performance at Kremlin Concert Hall in Moscow
Performed at the Kremlin Concert Hall in Moscow as a guest of popular Russian pop star Vacheslav Malejik's for his 60th Anniversary concert attended by five thousand people.

February - Reunion Concert at Stas Namin Center in Moscow's Gorky Park
Performed with Nick Binkley, as American guests at the reunion celebration of two biggest Russian groups "Tzveti" (Flowers) and "Time Machine" at the Stas Namin Center in Moscow's Gorky Park

May 1st - 3rd International Rock and Roll Festival in Latvia
Special guest star from United States at the Pete Anderson's "3rd International Rock and Roll Festival" in Latvia, performing for the 1st time in Riga after 30 years, in front of three thousand fans .

August 1st - "Flight 19 Finally Arrived"
Latvia's biggest magazine "Rigas Laiks" published a seven page interview with Valery - "Flight 19 Finally Arrived"

August 17th and 18th - "Bites Blues Club"
Performed two concerts in Riga's most popular night club "Bites Blues Club" with Latvian Blues Band

August 26th - "Viss Notiek"
Latvian "TV - 1" broadcast an interview and a story about Valery, in a popular program "Viss Notiek"

December 16, 2007 -MTV Latvia -Documentary program about Valery's life and music
Latvian MTV will broadcast a documentary program about Valery's life and music

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