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When I was little, I could repeat by memory any poem or sing a song that my mother used to read or sing to me. If she'll take me to a movie, that have music and songs, I'll be singing it later in any foreign language that movie was on. She'll invite her friends to a party and I'll be the entertainment. From Radj Kapur to Yves Montand, I've sang them all I guess music was in my blood and it stayed with me through all my life. And I can only repeat these great words from Nietzsche: "WITHOUT MUSIC LIFE WOULD BE A MISTAKE"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Valerij, kakaja radost' vas videt', slishat' i chuvstvovat' etu energiju muziki serdca !
Videli vas v avguste v Rige -
opjanjajuschij vecher absolutnogo
"rock'n'rolla" - steni raskrilis' do nebes !!! Spasibo !
I objektivno - Vam nastol'ko v "kaif" igrat', chto i nekotorih prodirajet do etogo "blazenstva" ZIVOJ MUZIKI.
Bol'shoj privet I.Novikovu ! -
i ne propadaite !!!!!!!!! - Yes !